Our Design-Build


Head Contractor, Ian McGann

Every project begins with a free consultation with the homeowners. We’ll meet with you to discuss your current challenges, desires, and future plans. It’s our goal to help guide you toward the best long-term options for your needs while maintaining maximum home value. We’ll help you think outside the box, turn flaws into features, and offer creative solutions that you may never have thought about.

We produce a 2D and 3D rendering of the project along with a detailed and exact specification that is suitable for permitting. This allows you to bridge the mental gap between what’s been discussed and exactly what will be delivered. This plan is so detailed that you can have your builders “bid on spec,” meaning that you can directly compare apples to apples, ensuring you’re getting exactly what you need.

Since we have an exact specification, we can provide you with an amazingly thorough quote. And since we’re bidding on spec, we will include real-life costs down to every single screw needed to complete your project.

Our customers rave about us because of our unique approach to the build. Our entire process is designed to maximize your happiness and minimize your inconvenience while we bring your project to completion.

What are a few things that help us achieve that? We have a commitment to extreme cleanliness. When we leave the project each day, your home will be completely clean.

One of our team leaders will be on site every day of your project. You’ll be on a first-name basis and can chat about whatever, whenever.

Most Design/Build firms don’t have a fifth step. We think it’s the most important part of the entire process. Ian reviews all the deliverables ensuring you’re not just happy with the results but truly delighted. Then he reviews the entire process that you’ve been through – looking for the slightest improvements that can be made – so that each and every project educates the next. That’s why so many people use IM Contracting a second, third, or in at least one case, an 11th time!

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